Saturday, March 3, 2012

Stubborn Streak

Apparently Roman has a stubbon streak. I have been thinking that this is a trait that totally comes from his dad. However, I find out from a new source, my mom, that I was a stubborn little baby too. This is just something that I cannot believe! Me, stubborn? If you know me well I will let you form your own opinion and keep it to yourself if you agree with my mom, hahaha!

This is something that I have been hearing from our sitter since he starting going to her. She is very adament about putting all of the kiddos on a schedule. Which I have to agree I would do the same thing if I had more than one child. Schedules are even amazing when you have one kid. I love the Roman is on a "schedule".

So this stubborn has been a fun trait for our wonderul sitter to work with on our boy. In the first couple months she used to battle with him and try to get him on a workable schedule that he could follow everday.Well Roman had other plans and he did not want to conform to any schedule. He would do good for a week or two and then he would decided to change it up on her. I have to say that he would change it up on me every couple weeks too and still does to this day. One weekend he sleeps in to 7:00am or 7:30am and then next he is ready to go at 6:30am! Those Saturday morning are the worst and best.

Now that Roman has started to eat solid foods he cn sit at the little table and eat like a big boy with his little buddy. But against our sitter's wishes he will only eat his breakfast and lunch sitting in his car seat. It has been like this for a couple weeks now and it makes me laugh. How can such a litle guy have such a stong opinion on where he eats and when he sleeps. He definitely has a strong personality already. She now has told my husband and I that when he comes in the morning he eats his breakfast and then plays, naps, read stories in what ever order he choses and then eats lunch and down for the big nap. At least he goes down at noon like his friend. Our sitter hs come to appreciate his little stubborn streak. But in all honesty who could fight a cute baby like Roman :)

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