Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Illness

Oh my goodness! The first time your baby gets sick is the worst. I have been a complete mess, feeling helpless and find myself constantly googling and asking all mom's I know for advice on how to take care of a sick baby.

It all started on Sunday afternoon. Roman went down for his aftenoon nap just like any other day. After a solid three hour nap he was up and ready to go again! I went into his room and he was smiling and kicking his little legs. I picked him up and he was babbling while I changed him so we could go downstairs and play. Then I started to notice he was not being his happy, smiling, bubbly self. I was feeding him his afternoon snack and I thought that he felt a bit warm so I asked Dan to feel his forehead. He confirmed my suspisions and up we went to get the thermometer to check his temperature.

Now, here comes test number one. How do you check an infants temperature? In the bum! I could not do it!! I was terrified that I was going to hurt him. Thank goodness we did not have any Vasoline and I was off the hook, whew! So we took him temperature under his arm and I got a real confirmation that Roman had a fever. The thermometer read 99.8 degrees. Now I am thinking what do I do to make him feel better as fast as possible. I gave Roman some Tylenol and a snack aka a bottle and put him down for another nap. He woke up and seemed to be doing a little better so we decided to go back to our normal routine of playing, dinner, batheez, bottle and bed time. After I put him down all I hoped was that he would sleep through the night. Wrong! Roman woke up in the middle of the night and he was on FIRE! He was so hot that I stripped him down and tried to give him some water to drink. I gave him more Tylenol and a couple hours later he finally fell asleep again.

The next morning I did not have high hopes that his fever had broken so I called the pediatrician's office as soon as they opened and took him in straight away. I was hoping they would tell me he had something and give us an antibiotic, but no. His doctor said it was just a virus and to keep giving him over the counter medicine and wait for the fever to break. Well, that night Roman spiked a fever of 103.9. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I freaked out and call the pediatrician's office to get in touch with the nurse and doctor on call. After a series of questions I got the same answer and rreatment plan as the doctor gave me before.

By Wednesday morning the fever was still there and Roman's crankiness was getting worse. Understandably! If I had had a fever for three days and I was in pain you better believe I would be one cranky lady. Sooo back to the pediatrician's office and what do you know...right ear infection. I was happy and sad for the little man at the same time. Happy to finally have a diagnosis and medicine, but sad to know he had ear pain and I didn't even know it! After less than 24 hours the fever was gone and Roman was starting to act more like himself. YAY!!!

The next day he went back to the sitters for the day. She told us he was a good boy and was not fussy, but he was not himself. He seemed to be recovering still from the week. By Friday night he seemed much better and on Saturday morning he was back. I had my happy, healthy boy again. It had been a long week and I think we were all happy that it was over. Rough week for the Vucci family.

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