Thursday, February 16, 2012

I am a big boy now!

Every Thursday night for the past 3 years our family's tradition is going to one of our favorite restaurants in Burke. The dinner night has been affectionately dubbed "spaghetti Thursday". However, most of the time none of us order spaghetti, ha! Over the past eight months it has been exciting to have Roman at dinner with us and watch him change and become more involved and part of the experience. When we first started going with him he would sleep the majority of dinner and we would all take turns holding him. Then he became more awake to the world and would take a bottle at dinner. Very exciting!! He was enjoying his own dinner with all the grown ups. Once he was able to eat solid foods it became even more fun and more challenging for me to be part of dinner or any adult conversation, but so worth it! I would feed and play with him the entire dinner. Pure BLISS! I am convinced there is nothing better than seeing your baby smile and giggle at you. Now I am excited to tell everyone that Roman has graduated to sitting in a restaurant high chair!! He was so happy and I was so proud. He ate his dinner in a big boy high chair and I was so proud!

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