Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who's the Boss?

It is becoming more and more clear everyday that Roman is trying to be the boss. He is now trying to train Dan and me so he can get what he wants and when he wants it.Recently we have noticed that if he wants something and cannot reach it or we will not let him have it he begins to cry. Loud, angry cries with or without tears. I have to admit I am not always sure how to handle each situation. Sometimes I know that he is just crying because what he wants he cannot have and it makes him mad. He cries for cell phones, remotes, movies, pretty much anything he is not allowed to play with he cries until someone will give in and let him have what he wants. Even little things like the top to his baby food containers. Mama Mia!
Yesterday he wanted to play with the DVDs that were on the bottom shelf of the console table. I would not let him play with the movies and instead was trying to get him to notice his toys in the other direction and distract him from his goal. The goal being our DVDs and how to get them, put them in his mouth and slam them on the ground. I am not a fan of this goal and begin to play man to man coverage wtih Roman to get him away. Of Course he cries and cries like I have just pinched him. I know, mean mommy.
Later in the afternoon I needed to run two quick errands so Dan had to watch the little man. I was gone about an hour and when I get home and ask how everything went while I was away. Dan infoms me that Roman kept going after the movies and wanted to play with them. I say, "Ya, I know. He was doing it earlier and he was not happy when I wouldn't let him play with the DVDs." I get a different story from daddy. He tells me that he let Roman have the movies and that he was playing will them all and was slamming them on the ground and having a good time. Ummm, I guess our roles have been defined already. I am going to be the bad cop, Dan will be good cop and Roman is the Boss.

Roman is the Boss, or he would like to believe that he is...for now.

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