Monday, March 12, 2012

9 Months Old Today

Today Roman is 9 months old. We went to the pediatrician for his 9-month wellness check up and our little peanut is getting so big! He was 18.8 pounds and 28 inches long. Roman is a long and lean baby machine. Our doctor said that he looks great and we are doing an amazing job as parents. Yay for us!

The last nine months have gone by so quickly. It seems like only yesterday we were bringing our little bundle of joy home from the hospital. Fast forward to the present day and today at our doctor's appointment we were talking about baby proofing the house because Roman is getting ready to be fully on the move! I can't beleive that we are having the baby proofing conversation, so exciting! Roman is scooting backwards and turing in circles. He is also trying to pull himself up! I thought that babies were suppose to crawl before they walked. I guess Roman is going to crawl and walk all at the same time. Although, I do think he will be crawling in the next week or two. He is so super close to crawling that we definitly thought it was going to happen tonight. But, he decided to save that milestone for another day.

The other exciting thing we learned at Roman's doctor check up today was that we get to start trying more foods! I am really excited to go grocery shopping this weekend. I am going to buy all the fun new foods that Roman can safely eat! He is going to love all the foods of the Rainbow. Hopefully he will be adventerous like his mama.

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