Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tough Morning

Yesterday was the first morning Roman cried when I dropped him off at the sitter. It was the worst! In the 6 months that I have been taking him he has never cried in the morning. I have definitely cried.  I was a blubbery mess the first week, probably first 2 weeks that I took him. But yesterday it was his turn.

I was getting ready to head out the door and it was time for Roman to eat breakfast. The sitter came over to put a bib on him and he burst into tears. Ahhhh! So then we decided to but one of the bibs that I had brought from home instead of one of her bibs. Nope, still more tears and crying. She tried to feed him a little while I was holding him and the food was sliding out of his mouth while he continued to cry. Ok, so he is not hungry. What does he want? This is totally out of character for my little man. He is truly the happiest baby.

Roman starts to calm down a little so the sitter takes him over to the mat so he can play with a toy. As soon as she sets him down he starts to cry again. Oh my goodness! She picks him up and hands him back to me. Now she goes over to the closet and brings out some new toys. A little elephant, giraffe, a monkey and some other fun colorful toys. I take off my shoes to walk him back over to the mat to let him play with the new toys. I notice that he is starting to rub his eyes. So now I think, is he still tired? I take him over to the pack n' play that he sleeps in and lay him down. We cover him up with his blanket and BINGO he falls asleep.

After all of the guessing and tears we found out that all he wanted was to go back to sleep. Whew! It is such a guessing game to find out what he wants sometimes. I was happy when I finally knew what he wanted and I could leave for work without worrying.

Fast forward to the end of the day when my husband picks up Roman for the day and gets an update. She told my husband that Roman slept for and hour and a half. She had to wake up him otherwise he would have kept sleeping longer and would have never gone down for a second nap. He played, read, had a couple diaper changes and he was starting to feel better.  After he woke up from his long afternoon nap he was back to his normal happy self. I don't know if he is going through a growth spurt or he just had a very sleepy morning. I guess I will never know for sure :)

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